Britpop nostalgia

Yesterday Dion Georgiou from Queen Mary University gave a paper on ‘Where Were You when We Were Getting High?’: Britpop Nostalgia and Technological, Social, Cultural and Generational Change in 21st Century Britain at the Institute of Historical Research. The paper looked at the nostalgic revival of 90s Britpop over the last ten years that was driven both by the producers—record labels, clubs, television and streaming websites—and by the consumers: former fans now in their late twenties and thirties pining for the good old days of Cool Britannia. It was interesting to see how far removed the 90s appear today—as historical as the 70s or 80s. The talk very much tied in with Simon Reynolds observation in Retromania and I’m looking forward to see this published. In his day job, Dion writes a PhD thesis on Carnivals in Greater London, 1890-1914: Locality, Leisure and Voluntary Action on the Metropolitan Periphery, which also sounds like a very interesting project.